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 Date 1-Sep-2010
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 QTY  REF  Description  RRP Discount
    System Parts      
19900 OS7030 Chassis £200.00 25 150.00
1 19905 OS7030 2BRM, 4 channel BRI Module £155.00 25 116.25
1 19902 OS7030 4DLM, 4cct Digital Extension Module £95.00 25 71.25
1 19980 OS7030 VOICE MESSAGING 1 port licence (Max 2 per chassis) £150.00 25 112.50
    Telephones and Terminals      
1 18840 DS5007S - 7 Button Kephone £100.00 25 75.00
3 12904 STANDARD KEYPHONE (DS2100B) £60.00 25 135.00
    Total Discount Total Disc. £220  
    Total Hardware Total   660.00
    Installation Items & Services      
1   System Installation, Set-Up & Configuration (Subject to existing CAT5 Cabling) £300.00   300.00
    All prices are subject to VAT@20% System Total 1,260.00
    Annual On-Site Maintenance     200.00
    (Optional - but strongly recommended)      
    *Cost to lease the system over 3 years: 12 quarterly payments of: £135.44
    over 5 years: 20 quarterly payments of: £90.86
The Lease figures shown are an estimate. For detailed lease figures please contact us.
Subject to TSD Standard Terms and Conditions.
Valid for 90 days from date of Proposal
* Annual Maintenance is not included in the Lease figures quoted

The OfficeServ7000 series are Samsung’s award-winning telephone systems solution whether you’re a small or large company.

Telephone Systems quotation: The telephone systems quote we’ve shown on the left itemises a feature-rich OfficeServ7030 equipped with 2BRM - 4 trunk ports (ISDN2 x 2), 2 analogue (included in the chassis as standard) and 4 digital extensions (4DLM).

Telephone Systems terminals quoted are the DS5007S display keyset allowing you to programme simple features yourself together with three of the DS2100B non-display phones for more general usage. (These do have an indicator to identify when you have a message waiting.)

Optionally you can choose alternatives from an impressive line-up of handsets to provide you staff with more functionality.  Only the most popular choices for this configuration are listed – ask us about the others and why they might be more appropriate.

Abbey Telecom as a Samsung Platinum Partner installs these telephone systemsquickly and efficiently when your ISDN circuits are up and running.  Perhaps you’d like the hassle of organising this taken away? We can organise it for you – with cheaper installation charges and call costs far lower than BT’s.

Contact us on 01244 560606 or visit this page for loads more information on phone systems.

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