BT is the New “Captain Slow”

Pussy-Catting-with-Telephone-SystemsAt a time when the whole country is endeavouring to pull ourselves out of recession the boys at Openreach have put a huge spanner in the works by extending their delivery times. Businesses will now have to wait 6 and 8 weeks (for ISDN2 and ISDN30) compared to the historic 20 working days for their communications.

Companies on the move are the biggest victims of the inordinate delays. These are the very organisations that will help to improve Britain’s prosperity and the selfish adjustment by the telecoms behemoth is extremely unwelcome. The installers of telephone systems find themselves repeatedly defending the network operator but customers aren’t stupid. They know that it is understaffing that is causing their frustration.

What is hard to fathom out is why they’ve instigated such devastating policy. One can only presume that it’s led by this year’s profitability. What is unbelievable is that they are playing Russian roulette with their customer relationships. People have long memories and don’t take kindly to disruption to their telephone systems. Perhaps Ian Livingston (CEO) is scheduled to depart as leader of the multinational but some suspect that the strategy will come back to haunt him.

Spanner-in-the-Works-of-Telephone-SystemsPoor technical support is also having a negative effect on employers. There’s an immediate reaction to fault calls that blames competitor’s telephone systems and taunt users with the prospect of a large bill if the visit turns out to be unwarranted. Consequentially resolutions arrive slower and tempers suffer.

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OFCOM refuse to accept telecommunications complaints directly, instead encouraging complainants to utilise the supplier’s internal procedure. It is mandatory for telcos to subscribe to an ombudsmen facility for when they can’t satisfy issues in house. So perhaps another avenue is to raise it in writing with your Member of Parliament. It maybe, that, politicians can be encouraged to intervene with the industry regulator so that we can be rid of this ridiculous predicament quickly. In this millennium telephony is mission critical and there’s no can and string to fall back on.

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