Choosing The CAM

Woods Cams of Alabama have a proven track record in the dyno shoot-outs with their Knight Prowler Cams.

Bobby Wood, Three-Time NHRA National Record Holder (2-Time NHRA Fuel Funny Car Record Holder) is the Designer / Innovator of the popular "King Carburetors " and "Knight Prowler" camshafts.

The "Knight Prowler" Cams are designed by Wood PerformanceCarburetors, and are custom manufactured by Andrews Products to exact Wood Performance specifications. These special KNIGHT PROWLER STREET Cams feature Short Duration, High-Lift specs that are a trade mark of Bob Wood.

Part # .053 Timing Duration .053 Valve Lift Lift TDC Springs Application






Best torque - High performance
cam available. Aggressive
ramps - High Lift - 110+ H.P.
Light/Heavy bike






As BC Gerolamy supplied the cams much discussion was had over what the objectives were and the choice was reduced to TW-6G or TW-8G. Although the higher torque output of the TW-6G was desireable it is known as a noisy cam so the TW-8G was picked in the hope of hitting 120 HP and 120 Ft-lbs of torque.

The high lift of the cam also required that the rocker boxes were also sent to BC Gerolamy in California for CNC machining to allow clearance.

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